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I have been immersed in birth since I became pregnant in 2012.  Soon after the birth of my son, Halen, I opened a natural parenting store where I shared my passion for eco-friendly and toxin free products with my community.  I met  so many amazing and strong women who inspired me and supported me.  After the birth of my second son, Warren, in 2015, my passion for undisturbed birth and conscious living grew even stronger.  

I eventually sold my store to spend more time with my kids and eventually immersed myself in Reiki.  As I practiced and worked with energy, I discovered the multiple dimensions of myself.  From here my desire to support autonomous birth strengthened.  The energetics of being born and giving birth imprints us on a fundamental level.  When these moments are imprinted with love - we become clearer, more amplified versions of ourselves.  As Sarah Buckley said: "When we heal birth, we heal the Earth".

When i'm not reading about, talking about, or thinking about energetics, spirituality, and birth - I am spending time homeschooling my two kiddos, cooking, baking, and spending time in nature.

My awareness of all that I am is constantly shifting and the perfect people are always coming into my life at the perfect time - I trust that if I am the right fit - at the right time - for you... then you will reach out for a free consultation and we can start creating a new Earth together.

With Love, 


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Holistic Fertility & Conscious Conception Support
Holistic Prenatal Care &  Conscious Birth Support
Holistic Postpartum Care & Conscious Parenting Support


“Jess, if it hadn’t been for you and your support throughout labour, I’m not sure I would have made it as far as I did! Your calm coaching and expertise kept both Adam and I focused on the end goal, even during some pretty rough patches!”

Jaime & Adam

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