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You will discover the difference between what you have always been told/shown about pregnancy, birth and motherhood versus the truth.  You will also discover how to find YOUR truth and navigate any resistance to following your truth while you also hold beliefs that contradict or challenge your truth.

Education/information will be covered on topics including, but not limited to: Nutrition, movement, emotions, prenatal care, postpartum prep, physiology of birth, birth choices, self care, building support, relationships, and more!

Radical Loving Support

I will be there for questions, to listen, to get to know you, to sit in your shadows with you, to support you in creating your experience consciously and autonomously. 

I will not empower you or tell you what choice is right. The 'Science' cannot even tell you that.  I will see your power and authority and reflect it back to you.  I will have the hard discussions with you. I will have the fun and exciting conversations with you.  I will believe in you and witness you, and hold space for you so that you may do the same for yourself.

Energy Work

 It is difficult to separate this aspect out from the rest because it is all sacred work and play - everything is energy!

However, my package includes dedicated one-on-one time to intentionally explore your highest knowing.  These sessions are designed to support you in manifesting all that your soul desires.  Through deep connection with your high self and source you will transmute traumas, fears, beliefs, and other imprints that may be impacting your ability to allow your highest destiny to flow through.  These sessions provide clarity, insight, and a radical shift in perspective.

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