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High Self Prenatal Consultation

2 Hour Guided Energy Session 


You will connect directly with your highest knowing, the part of you connected directly to Source (and we will talk about what this word means to YOU).During this session you will gain clarity, insight, transformation, and healing in areas that are relevant to you in the time and space of the session. Areas that are relevant to your experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Afterwards you will receive an e-mail summary of our session and information and resources that complement and expand on what unfolded during your session.

If you desire an autonomous, powerful, and beautiful pregnancy, birth, and postpartum - theses session will support you in connecting deeper with your baby and breaking through the illusions that appear to be holding you back from experiencing your highest destiny.

The Goddess Package 

Jessica provides radical loving support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum. This package includes several one-on-one sessions, family meetings, unlimited text/e-mail support, birth support, education/information, energy work, and SO much more!


This package is for you if you:

-desire to  know and experience what true prenatal care is

-desire to radically shift your approach to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood from that of doing unconsciously from the mind and outdated patterns to being and doing consciously from the souls knowing.

-desire to develop  practices that will support you through all that is to come & strengthen your connection with your self and your baby

-desire to birth your baby autonomously, powerfully and beautifully  

-desire to create a loving a nurturing postpartum time for yourself

Packages are uniquely created in response to your desires.

During your one hour free consultation we will discuss where you are, where you want to go, and what kind of support you are looking for.  I will follow up with an e-mail, resources and information relevant to what we discussed and a personalized plan including investment.

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